Dennis Weisscher.

Freelance Digital Project Manager

About me.

I am a result driven, honest, transparant, energetic and ambitious mix between a business guy and a delivery manager. I am a born team-player who loves to get results quickly. Trust, the ability to self-start and the freedom to make my own choices, are basic needs in my work. People praise me for my ability to always think in solutions while being a critical realist.

With ±10 years of experience in both client and agency side, I’ve seen many digital projects and I’ve learned extensively about running them. I founded Uitblinqers january 2020 and as of now up for any digital (project) challenge there is. 

Looking forward meeting you!

What I love to do.


Overseeing a project/program and ensuring top notch stakeholder management is what I love. I have broad experience in running and delivering a project.


Running a digital project is awesome and it is even better when delivering on-time and within budget. I’m available for small and large digital projects.


With several years of experience in management I’m available for interim roles within any digital agency. Building a team while focusing on results is what I do.


I know how to execute all roles in Scrum. If you need a temporary Scrum Master or Product Owner that always focuses on delivering results, give me a call.

The dream.

From my childhood I’ve dreamed about entrepreneurship. About creating a company that is different from the rest. A company that truly helps its customers. A company filled with highly engaged staff (Uitblinqers) that excel and go the extra mile. Together we will make the impossible possible.
After 5 years of experience as client followed by 5 years of experience as supplier, the time is now. I’ve seen what it is to have a supplier that unburdens and I’ve seen how to unburden a client. I’m ready!

The dream just started and I am in conversation with several potential partners, so more information will become available in the coming months. For now, I am available as a freelancer for your digital challenges.

My skillset.

Work ethic
Delivery management
Project management
Team coaching

Work experience.


JAN 2020 – NOW

Freelance Digital Project Manager / Owner

Following my dream I started Uitblinqers. My dream is to create a company full with very talented employees that are truly going for impact at our customers. 
Current situation: My dream just started, so until further notice I am available as a freelancer for your digital challenges. 


SEPT 2018 – DEC 2019

Operations Director

I entered the Incentro Leadership team as Operations Director in Q3 2018. After successfully running the Amsterdam office we split the office into two smaller offices (following the Eckart Wintzen cell model). From being responsible I became head responsible for the Amsterdam office with an amazing group (50FTE) of Agile consultants, project managers, developers and designers.

I am head responsible for:
– P/L statement of our office
– Office proposition and strategy
– All operational activities
– Delivery management of our biggest/key projects
– Growing our business
– Happiness of our employees
– Finance
– Field management, helping our employees with an amazing career
– Recruitment


JUNE 2016 – SEPT 2018


After a year I got the chance to enter the management team of the Amsterdam office. Incentro is built up using the Eckart Wintzen cell model which makes that management is still very active in day-to-day operations and client-facing. I became responsible for the Amsterdam office consisting of an amazing group (55FTE) of Agile consultants, project managers, developers and designers.

My responsibilities:
– Educating, coaching and managing the Agile Consultants / Project Managers.
– Delivery management of large projects.
– Finance and P/L statement
– Transforming our business from secondment to a project organisation.
– Field management, helping our employees with an amazing career
– Sales


JUNE 2015 – JUNE 2016

Digital Project Manager

I entered Incentro as a Digital Project Manager and became responsible for the biggest client of the Amsterdam office (at that time), Univé. The project consisted of a migration from Sharepoint to the new Hippo CMS while starting up with a new Scrum process. I initiated Scrum and guided the team to a consistent velocity of burning story points. Next to my official role I became the linchpin of the project because I trained Univé staff in using the Hippo CMS, guided the content and URL migration, did extensive stakeholder management and provided analysis to the Univé steering committee.


 JUNE 2010 – JUNE 2015

Digital Project Manager / Online Manager

In my 5 years at Samsung I was responsible for the domain in the Netherlands and Belgium.  I have had the opportunity to run many many digital projects, small and large. From small campaign websites within the .com domain till the Benelux CRM programme which was nominated as best practice after which I got the chance to start Europe roll-out.

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